According to my good friend, a “gift” is:

“Something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favour toward someone, honour an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present.” Continue reading “Feedback is a gift – You must be kidding!” »

Lessons from the ski slopes

I recently went skiing in Perisher for a few days with some friends. After 2 days of lessons, one of my friends felt like a worse skier than before and was not really enjoying herself. As I witnessed her mounting frustration, I couldn’t help but think: sometimes we have to go backwards before we can move forward.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Continue reading “Why we need to go backwards in order to move forward!” »

How do you lead troops when you’re not with them?

A board colleague of mine has just landed a super job with a well-known global brand which involves managing a team of people across different locations. Pretty quickly, he realised the challenge of building a high performing team that don’t have the benefit of eye-balling each other on a daily basis and asked a few friends this question: How do you lead troops when you’re not with them? Continue reading “6 Tips for leading a virtual team” »

I had the fortune of witnessing a rehearsal performance by the world-acclaimed Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. You may be thinking, “big deal, a rehearsal, what’s so good about that?”, and I’d forgive you for thinking it. Continue reading “Simon does…. 6 Leadership lessons from a renowned conductor” »