Why is it needed

Between 2008 and 2010, companies with more diverse top teams were also top financial performers. (McKinsey research). Workplace diversity is a wonderful way to ensure that a full range of opinions, work styles, perspectives and approaches are embraced for effective organisational performance. Managing workplace diversity successfully is an important factor in helping organisations realise the full potential of their employees. How well is your organisation facilitating diversity?

What we offer

  • Understand your needs and help you define specific objectives and desired outcomes
  • Strategic planning sessions to help build a vision and a plan to help execute on it
  • Work with you to design specific programs or components of programs
  • Facilitate required skills sessions to ensure specific outcomes are achieved and clear next steps are documented

What you can expect

  • Achievement of clear outcomes and plans
  • Involvement of all required stakeholders in the ownership of ideas and outcomes
  • Defined next steps and actionable plans established

Some examples of what we’ve done

  • Facilitated the planning and process of setting up national and state diversity groups
  • Developed a negotiation skills curriculum specifically targeted at women
  • Designed and facilitated workshops on networking skills for a national diversity group in order to help build personal effectiveness in the business world
  • Involved in running various programs to increase awareness of the importance of diversity on leadership teams

Our services are provided in the following areas: